Unit 5 Helping our parents   Story time

Unit 5 Helping our parents   Story time



  1. 能听懂、会读、会说单词:parent, clean, cook, sweep, busy, wash .
  2. 能听懂、会读、会说日常用语:what are you doing? What is he/she doing? 及回答
  3. 能正确的理解并朗读课文,在教师的引导和帮助下尝试复述课文内容。
  4. 能初步运用本课所学的词汇和句型询问别人正在做什么。




Teaching procedures 教学过程

Step 1 Greeting

  1. Enjoy an English song < Nice to meet you!>
  2. Introduce each other.

(1). Listen, the bell is ringing.

(2). Class begins.

(3). First, let me introduce myself.

Hello, everyone. I’m Miss Wu. I’m your new English teacher today.

I like English and PE.

I like reading and doing housework.

I live near … I go to school ….

How about you?

  1. You are good students at school. And I think you are good children at home. I have good children too. They always help me do the housework.

(1). PPT: Look, what are they doing now? Oh, they are doing housework.

(2). 播放视频

(3). What is she doing? —— She is sweeping the floor.

What is he doing? —— He is cleaning the table.

过渡:They are young, but they can help me do the housework. Do you often help your parents do the housework?

Step 2 Presentation

  1. 揭题 This class, we will learn Unit 5 …

(1). I have two questions here.

Q1: When do you do the housework?—— After school  At weekends.

Most of you do housework at weekends, because you are busy doing your homework from Monday to Friday, right?

Q2: What housework can you do?

You can talk about with your partner.

S1: I can… (出示词汇和图片, 生自由表达,根据学生回答随机教学关于家务劳动的新词汇:wash clothes, wash the dishes, make the bed, sweep the floor, clean the windows/car/table/doors, cook rice/breakfast/lunch/dinner, mop the floor, take out the trash, water the flowers. )

2.过渡:You can do so many things. You are great. It is Saturday again. How about our old friends?

Look. Who are they?——Mike and Helen.

Are Mike and Helen busy on Saturday?

What are they doing?

(1). Let’s listen to the tape and match. 完成书上50页。

(2). Check.

What is Mike/ Helen doing in the morning and in the afternoon?

Mike is helping his parents. He is cleaning the car and cleaning the table.

Helen is helping her parents. She is sweeping the floor and washing the dishes.

(3). Ask and answer in pairs.

A: What is Mike/Helen doing?

B: He/She is …

  1. Mike and Helen are busy. What are their family doing in the morning and in the afternoon?

(1). Watch the cartoon and complete the form.(看完后让学生填空)

  In the morning In the afternoon
Mike’s father cleaning the car  
Mike’s mother    

(2). Ask and answer in pairs.

(3). By the way, who is sleeping too? —— Ben

引出句型:Ben the dog is sleeping too.

(4). T: Guess, what is Mike’s father doing in the afternoon?

S1: He is… I think.

Step3. Try to read

  1. It’s time for reading now. Let’s read after the tape.


  1. This time please read with your partner.



Step4. Try to retell the busy Saturday.

过渡:You can read well, can you retell?

  1. Look at the blackboard.师边板书边复述
  2. Try to retell the text according the blackboard design.


Step 5. Try to act.

  1. 你想呈现麦克一家发生的事情吗?选择周六上午或下午发生的事情,和你的同伴们去演一演。


旁白:It is Saturday morning, Mike’s family are very busy.

Mike: Mum, what are you doing?

Mum: I’m cooking breakfast.

Mike: Helen, what are you doing?

Helen: I’m sweeping the floor.

Mike: Oh, I see. Tim, where are you?

Helen: Shh, he is in the bedroom. He is sleeping.

Mike: Dad, what are you doing?

Dad: I’m cleaning the car.

Mike: Let me help you.

Dad: OK.

旁白:It is Saturday afternoon, Mike’s family are very busy.

Mum: Mike, where are you? Please help me.

Mike: Oh, sorry, mum. I’m cleaning the table now.

Mum: Helen, what are you doing? Can you help me?

Helen: Wait a minute, mum. I’m washing the dishes now.

Mum: OK. What are Tim and Jim doing?

Helen: They are eating fruit and watching TV now.

Mum: Oh, I see.

  1. Try to act in four.



Step 6 Homework

  1. Read the story 3 times
  2. Retell the story according to the pictures.
  3. Choose a scene and act it with your friends.





Blackboard design







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