Unit 6 My e-friend

Unit 6 My e-friend



  1. 学生能听懂、理解单词和短语e-friend ,email , live , send,study , China , UK ,US , China , Canada ,Australia , Wait a minute ,能听懂、会读、会说日常交际用语,如:Where does he/she live ? 及它们的回答。
  2. 通过观察文本插图,学生能描述与文本相关的背景信息,并能预测文本信息。
  3. 通过学生交流等活动,培养学生快速捕捉和获取文章大意的能力。

4 通过朗读文本内容,巩固课文内容,形成语感。



Step1 Warm-up & Lead-in

Free talk(创设英语情境,复习巩固,为下面呈现Name card作铺垫)


T: Look, they’re good friends. We all have friends. We’re friends too. Let’s get to know each other more.

T: Hello,…

How old are you?

What subjects do you like?

What do you like doing after school?

Do you like…?

S: …

T: …, you may talk with your classmate.


T: Do you have any questions to ask me?


Step2 Presentation and Practice

1、T: You have know I’m…years old. I like English and Chinese. I like reading and surfing the Internet. (显示图片)

T:So I have a lot of friends on the QQ and We-chat. Look, they’re all my friends. We can also say they’re my e-friends. (出示板书,读)

Sometimes I write emails to my e-friends. Look, this is an email. (出示板书,读)

Look, I’m writing an email. It’s to my e-friend. () This is her email address. Then I will send my email. ()

Today we will talk about the e-friend.(Unit6 My e-friend 揭题)

2、Let’s enjoy the story time.

Task1 Look and guess

T: Look at the picture. Here are our friends. Who are they?

S: They are Wang Bing and Liu Tao.

T: Please look at the picture carefully and guess what do they talk about?

  1. Wang Bing’s hobbies B. Wang Bing’s e-friend

Task2 Listen and answer

T: They are talking about Wang Bing’s e-friend. Do you want to know something about Wangbing’s e-friend? Do you have any questions about Wangbing’s e-friend? (板书)学生提问

  1. Who is Wang Bing’s e-friend?
  2. Where does he live?
  3. How old is he?


T: First, let’s try to find the answers to these questions. Let’s read the questions together. Please listen carefully.

  1. Who is Wang Bing’s e-friend?

S1: He is Peter.

  1. Where does he live? (学live)

S2: He lives in the UK

He lives in the UK. The UK is a very nice country. You can see a lot of beartiful things in the UK. Let’s enjoy some pictures.


T: The UK is very beautiful. Peter lives in the UK. Where do you live?

T: We all live in China. We are Chinese.

  1. How old is he?

S3: He is 11 years old.

T: How old are you?

S: I m 11 years old.

Task3 Read and underline.

T: Just now, we talked about who is Wang Bing’s e-friend? Where does he live? How old is he? (回答)Do you want to know more about Peter? Let’s find the answers to these questions. Let’s read the questions together.

T: Open your books and turn to P59 Read and underline the answers.

  1. Can he speak Chinese?
  2. What subjects does he like?
  3. What does he like doing?

T: Work in two and try to find the answers.


T: Time is up. Let’s check the answers.

  1. Can he speak Chinese?

Yes, he can.

  1. Why? Does he study Chinese at school?

He studies Chinese after school.

新授study,study Chinese/Maths/…

  1. What subjects does he like?

He likes Maths and PE.

  1. What does he like doing?

He likes playing football and swimming.

Task 4 Listen and repeat


T:OK, we have known many things about Peter. Let’s enjoy reading. Listen and repeat.Try to follow.

Wait a minute.(着重强调wait minute)

Task5 Read and act.

Let’s read. You can choose one way to read. If you two read together, you will get one star. If you read in roles, you will get two stars. If you act in roles, you will have 3 stars.

Task 6 Think and say

T: You all did a good job. Now, close your books, Look at the blackboard and screen, try to say something about Peter. You can speak by yourself first.

T: Have a try!

T: XXX, please.

T: Let’s retell together.(一起复述,一边复述,一边呈现答案)

Task7 Talk and share

T: Peter is Wang Bing’s e-friend. And Mary is my e-friend.

My e-friend is Mary.

She lives in the UK.

She is 29 years old.

She can speak English.

She likes Art and Music.

She likes swimming and reading.

What about your e-friend or friend?

Work in four. Try to talk about them like this.


T: We have a lot of friends. And remember more friends more laughter.

So please make more friends.

Today’s homework is

No.1 Read the story time and try to retell.

No,2 Write an email about your e-friends or friends to me.


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